Episode 1: Why You Need to Embrace You First

Welcome to our very first episode of Embrace Me First. 

As women, we embrace our roles as caregivers and nurturers and often leave ourselves last. 

It’s time to embrace the concept of “me first” as a strategy to help you and your loved ones thrive.  

Here’s our promise today and for all of our podcasts. We are going to:

  • Take, you, your health and your life to the next level
  • Remind you why you need to put the oxygen mask on you first
  • get raw, real and honest sharing our own stories of how we have incorporated a healthy lifestyle into our own lives and embraced the concept of “me first”
  • TEACH YOU strategies to nourish your mind, body and soul with the best nutrition, exercise, sleep, and find WAYS TO BE PRESENT and connected while you move through all the CYCLES OF LIFE from preconception to pregnancy, post partum, nursing, parenthood, to menopause.
  • Share the concept of the dopamine cup and ask you how you are filling your teacup every day
  • Bridge the gap between: 
    • Eastern and Western Medicine
    • Office visits
    • MIND and Body
    • Yin and Yang
    • Inside and outside (interface between our cells/ body and the external environment and other people) 
    • What works vs. the next fad
    • Scientific evidence  and how to make it fit in real life in real time 
    • Knowledge to action in a doable, inspiring, and hopeful way.