Welcome Beautiful Humans!

It’s time to STOP SACRIFICING FOR everyone else and PUT YOU First!  Are you feeling tired, stuck, or disconnected?  Or maybe, you are just looking to be the best version of you.

I’m Mary Wong and I’m Dr Tanya Wylde and this is EMBRACE YOU FIRST, a podcast to help you THRIVE and not just survive.

We are busy moms, successful entrepreneurs, and doctors in the field of natural medicine with over 40 years combined clinical experience.

You’re gonna learn from our professional expertise and our juicy secrets that have helped thousands of men and women just like you. We’re going to teach you practical and doable strategies on health, relationships, and career.

So sit back, relax, and get ready to Embrace YOU, your HEALTH and your LIFE, right now!

Latest Episodes

Episode 52: What’s Next? Fertology!

They say all good things must end, and it’s the end of Embrace You First! It is NOT however the end of our podcast, we’re just rebranding and changing the focus a little bit. EYF was designed to help us all be the best we can be, and put the focus on US, during the…
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One of the best podcast I’ve ever come across!

“Mary and Dr. Tanya are always touching on topics that most people don’t talk about. This particular episode really hit home, so much so that I made sure hubby and I watched it. PCOS has been with me all my life, but to Dr. Tanya’s point, I never knew about it until I was trying to conceive and needed some help (even when having ovarian cysts removed five years before, it was never mentioned! Mary, Dr. Tanya, please keep these episodes coming! Every woman needs to hear these messages.”
– Carol Schneider

Thank you for creating this podcast!

“The very first episode helped me realize to start thinking differently because I do spend all my time taking care of everyone else. It is time to start taking care of me. I loved watching the chemistry between Dr. Tanya Wylde and Mary Wong. You provide real value and offer a more human touch as you spontaneously go off script adding in stories. This can help a lot of people and I can’t wait to watch Embrace You First every week. Thank you!”
– Abhi


“Looking forward to hearing the next podcast. It’s a fun refreshing positive podcast.”
– Lizzy B.

I’m so glad I found this!

“This is exactly the kind of perspective I’ve been looking for. Looking forward to more tips on healthy eating and mindful living. Thank you!”
– Theresa Lemieux

I especially appreciate the discussion on the social pressures around eating at family/social gatherings

“A common challenge I have is in turning down certain foods without feeling guilty.”
– Amy Tam

Great podcast, just like a great meal

“Full of knowledge but not too heavy. Deep but still entertaining. And very fresh and juicy. I was fortunate to get the help of Dr Tanya Wylde, with her great advices I modified the way I eat, and perceive food. I lost 7kg, I have much more endurance during my surgery days and as 48 years old I am running faster than I used to run 5 years ago. I still feast on rare occasions with my colleagues, but I am doing it in a much better way. So grateful.”
– Guy Golani

Best PCOS podcast!!!

“I love love love this podcast! I find everything they say so helpful and awesome to listen to because it’s concise and fun! It’s easy to listen to literally any time of the day!”
– Kamya Mehra

New way of thinking about self care

“Care for yourself first: it’s not selfish, it’s common sense. Mothers, fathers, adult kids looking after aging parents, people with demanding jobs…we are all feeling a little drained these days. In our family, we are all of these things, and that’s why this podcast has been such a relief to discover.
We hear so much about how to hack your way to your best life, self-care can feel like one more chore you’re not getting right. Mary Wong and Tanya Wylde put good health and good spirits in a whole new approach. If you don’t take care of yourself, how can you care for anybody else?
Once I let the guilt go and listened to them, I found their approach was exactly in alignment with mine: a preference for natural foods, healthy habits, practical and easy things to make me feel great. I’m happier for it! And so is everyone around me. I’m really glad to have found this, and plan to listen to every episode.”
– T-Maman

Great podcast!

“This is one of my favourite self help and wellness podcast. I find myself applying so many of their tips and strategies.”
– LucyEspo

This podcast is a gift!

“What a gift! I absolutely love the content and tone of this podcast. It’s filled with practical, do-able self care tips/information that are shared in a fun, upbeat manner. Dr Tanya and Dr Mary invite their audience to become healthier and happier individuals. Their passion for this subject is undeniable!”
– Kathy Arrigo

Great Podcast for Healthy Living and Fertility

“Love the tidbits this podcast provides to embrace yourself. It is a 30min self-care routine that everyone should incorporate into their schedule.”
– ZuskaD

Amazing info!

“I LOVE the content on this podcast, as a nutritionist I’m always looking for relevant new ideas and this podcast has just that. Thanks for sharing your wisdom ladies!”
– mymindbodybaby

Solid advice, enthusiastically delivered !

Lots of great info, delivered with such passion and enthusiasm. On top of such an important overall message, nourish yourself ! So you can thrive and not just survive, because when you thrive those around you do too ! Much needed information in this hectic world, especially at this trying time. Love the conversation style and the excellent easy to follow advice. Fantastic job ladies!
– wowthxu

Thank You!

What a wonderful concept for these podcasts – embrace you first. While it’s especially appropriate during this pandemic, it’s also true at any time, as how can we care for others if we aren’t caring for ourselves? The content is also excellent with podcasts covering a variety of topics that are relevant across time of life.
– Stacey

Terrific Podcast

I love how I feel after I listen to these wonderful ladies! Their positive energy and wisdom inspire me to take care of myself in a more holistic way, especially during these challenging times!
– Dandeerum

Thanks for sharing

Practical advice which is easily implemented and backed by science and traditional medicine. Making sure you fill your cup first before you start filling other people’s cups will benefit everyone. Thanks for sharing.
– Anth5621