Welcome Beautiful Humans!

It’s time to STOP SACRIFICING FOR everyone else and PUT YOU First!  Are you feeling tired, stuck, or disconnected?  Or maybe, you are just looking to be the best version of you.

I’m Mary Wong and I’m Dr Tanya Wylde and this is EMBRACE YOU FIRST, a podcast to help you THRIVE and not just survive.

We are busy moms, successful entrepreneurs, and doctors in the field of natural medicine with over 40 years combined clinical experience.

You’re gonna learn from our professional expertise and our juicy secrets that have helped thousands of men and women just like you. We’re going to teach you practical and doable strategies on health, relationships, and career.

So sit back, relax, and get ready to Embrace YOU, your HEALTH and your LIFE, right now!

Latest Episodes

Episode 4: PMS is Real (ft. Ashley Levinson, PCOSGurl)

We are super excited to interview Ashley Levinson, aka PCOSGurl, about PMS, a real phenomenon that often gets ignored and overlooked AND the symptoms can be worse if you have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (aka PCOS). Ashley is a public health influencer, a PCOS awareness advocate and educator who was diagnosed with PCOS in 1999 while…
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Episode 3: When to Nourish You (Part 1)

In our past episode we covered WHY it’s important, today we are talking about WHEN to nourish you and what does this look like. We were always taught the first meal of the day is the most important. Myth or fact? We will unveil the truth about and discuss: How the food industry has impacted…
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Episode 2: Why it is a Necessity to Nourish You Now

Nourishment is one of the Pillars of good health. Before we get into specifics about what to nourish you with, it’s fundamental to know why it is important to nourish you. In this episode, we want to help you identify your Why. Have you ever said to yourself, I should eat better and eat less…
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