Episode 51: From Dreams to Reality Pt. 2, Life lessons from a Guinness Record holder (ft. Michelle Kakade)

In part 2 of our chat, we dig deep to see what keeps Michele motivated when she’s injured, on a very long run; what her passions are, and what she did during the lockdown.

Have you ever had a goal but not sure where to start or wonder if you’d ever accomplish it? Or have you ever had fear of failing stop you from pursuing your goal.

Well, we’re going to take you for a ride so that you can take action even when you’re not sure if you can do it.

That’s what Michelle Kakade did as she shares how she transformed her identity from being tied to others (by being a daughter, wife, and then mother) to being the Guiness world record holder for the fastest time to run the Indian Golden Quadrilateral, 5968.4 km ( 2709 miles). If you do the math, that’s 142 marathons within 194 days. The funniest part is that she doesn’t consider herself a runner. Crazy right?

Did she want to quit at points? You betcha… but she didn’t. She is an everyday Wonder Woman who chose not to stop while being fueled with determination. In spite of suffering along the way, Michelle is a person who doesn’t give up easily and has the capacity to know her limitations especially when it came to listening to her body (and specifically her menstruation but more about that in the episode).

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