Episode 27: How To Talk To Your 7 y.o. Self

What would life look like if you spoke to yourself in the manner that you would to your seven year old self? Would your self-imposed expectations change? Maybe you wouldn’t be bound to the *same* expectations. Now we realize we can’t go back in time but our 7 year old self is within and we can do a lot of this self talk now and boost out self esteem. If you could speak to your seven year old self is there anything you would say to coach them to help them see life differently or make different decisions? You perhaps would teach growth mindset and to speak kindly, and share all those thoughts of wisdom and how to dampen perception of stress.

What You’ll Learn

  • To rehabilitate the 7 year old version of you to heal the adult version
  • To stop freezing or staying in fight or flight
  • Why when we speak negatively we either give up or don’t enjoy the journey on the way there
  • To stop being so hard on yourself
  • Remind yourself it’s the journey, the end always matters less
  • When you get to the end goal there will always be another goal – lose weight, run a little further, get a promotion
  • How to use kindness with love, acceptance and growth mindset
  • Build people up, don’t gossip
  • Why it’s OK to say ‘no’, but so hard to do
  • Why you shouldn’t try and please everyone
  • Surround yourself by people who build you up and think the same

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