Episode 31: Fill Up Your Cup Pt. 2

After polling our patients on topics for our podcast many of you wanted to know what we are doing to stay positive/motivated/inspired through COVID times.  Indirectly they were asking, what are we doing to fill up our cups!  We answer this question at the end of each of our podcasts but we decided to give you MORE by doing a 2 part series on what this really means, and give you tons of cool/creative ideas to help you also feel more joy/motivated/inspired through COVID times.

What does it mean to “Fill up your cup”?

To fill up your cup means that you need to stop and recharge your batteries, so you can be present and mindful and feel more JOY.  It means that you replenish your mental, emotional, and physical energy.  You wouldn’t expect your mobile devices to run on a depleted battery, it needs to be recharged, often!

What You’ll Learn

  • Many ideas for filling YOUR own cup
  • How to avoid ‘burnout’
  • What dopamine is, and the role it plays – love, joy, sex, pleasure, reward, motivation, and MORE
  • Symptoms you may experience with low dopamine – fatigue, depression, insomnia, cravings and MORE
  • What well-known behaviours cause dopamine to rise temporarily in the brain
  • What certain behaviours, while not unhealthy can become addictive if abused
  • What results from relying on these behaviours to stimulate dopamine regularly
  • What is a Dopamine crash?
  • How you can get caught in a vicious cycle!
  • Who is at higher risk for low dopamine levels

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