Episode 32: Exercises for Growing Mentally Stronger (ft. Amy Morin)

Today we are going to talk about Exercises for Growing Mentally Stronger. Mental strength exercises to fix thoughts and emotions in action to be your best selves and STAY mentally strong during a pandemic. Why do some people have resilience or a positive outlook? Is it in their DNA, or can it be learned and practiced? YES, it can be learned and practiced by anyone.

We all are under increasing strain during the pandemic, and good mental health hygiene is important. so that our moods stay elevated, our outlooks remain positive, and we bring joy into our lives.

In this episode Amy Morin shares life-altering exercises to reset your outlook, banish worry until you are ready to deal with it, and much more. She also offers MANY tips on how to help our children navigate their feelings, both now in the pandemic and into the future! She also has a brand new book coming out soon called “13 Things Strong Kids Do”, to help kids make sense of their feelings, and allow them to openly share their challenges.

What You’ll Learn

  • Many ideas for resetting your outlook
  • What is it to be mentally strong?
  • What the difference between mental health and mental strength?
  • Why people suffering from mental health challenges can still be ‘mentally strong’
  • Gratitude – the ‘free’ on demand tool to better health and emotions
  • If you worry, why you should schedule time to worry!
  • Amy shares some of the challenges on mental health right now
  • The difference between Problem focused coping skills and emotion focused coping skills, can you use them together?
  • Why kids are experiencing high levels of anxiety up to 80%
  • Why 11-17 year olds are most likely to be depressed and anxious
  • How to identify and name more than 5 emotions
  • Why you can replace thoughts that induce self-pity

Connect with Amy Morin

Amy’s Books: https://amymorinlcsw.com/books/


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