Episode 45: Should I Take Meds Ever?

What happens if you have tried everything naturally from under the sun and your headache, back pain, urinary discomfort, depressive symptoms or anxiety or whatever that ails you persist? Do you stick it out, keep doing what you are doing and hope that your symptoms will magically go away? Or, do you make an appointment with your doctor and then head straight to the closest pharmacy and get medicated? And if you choose the latter, do you feel guilty or bad about yourself for surrendering to pharmaceutical drugs?

Let’s talk and begin by saying that we don’t need to be a martyr. We are human and we can bump up against unexpected challenges which sometimes require more help.

Even though Dr. Tanya and I are all about being as natural as possible, we recognize our humanity. Most of the time, we are able to stay healthy with our proactive lifestyle. That said, we are perfectly imperfect and run into challenges just like any other person. We know that drugs can lead to unwanted side effects. We also know that taking them correctly and understanding the right time, place and way to administer them can reduce the risks. If you are the person that can be au naturel for your whole life, sincere congrats to you. For the rest of us, there is a right time, place and situation for medications to ease certain issues. Sometimes, leaning into acute situations with pharmaceutical drugs may be the best option.

Did she try everything naturally to mitigate her pain and inflammatory reaction? Absolutely. Did she feel bad or wrong reaching out for meds? Absolutely not. Will she be taking these meds forever? No. She is on the mend because she used the meds. Thank goodness. She is also getting back to her normal healthy activities such as going for a bike ride with her four year old in the forest.

What You’ll Learn

  • When to take meds – are you giving up control by taking them?
  • Fevers – do we treat them & when do we treat them
  • Comfort/discomfort * Anxiolytics can be addictive
  • Depression * Diabetes and metformin – Vit B12
  • Fertility medications
  • Advil – gastritis and ulcers
  • Ibuprofen for inflammation, stop the cascade
  • Tylenol – liver issues
  • OHSS or no response to fertility medications

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