Episode 46: How To Transform Your Life Pt. 1 (ft. Greg Denning)

As a police officer friend of mine says, everyone has skeletons in their closet. I would have to agree. My mom used to tell me how she had the worst life – unloved and put on the street every day for a year at the age of 4. It’s tragic and no kid should be abandoned and feel unloved. It’s even more tragic that she is not alone. There are many kids who have endured great challenges. Despite my mom’s circumstances, or maybe because of her circumstances, she has always prioritized and put family first. She has instilled the importance of family which I hold as one of the greatest virtues. Perhaps this was what gave me grit to endure a 6 year fertility struggle before having our child. For that, I am grateful. I am also grateful to be able to help others build their families by helping a little life come into being. It’s not just about helping them put a baby in their belly. It’s about helping women go inward and mother themselves so that when the baby shows up, they grow up inspired to change the world … that’s what keeps me going.

So it was awe inspiring to meet Greg Denning, aka “the walking Antidepressant” who transformed his mindset, heartset, and skillset in order to design and create the extraordinary life he dreamed of living and you can too!
He went from being alone and broke ( living on the street at 16) to building an epic life.
He, his wife Rachel and 7 children have been traveling the globe for the last 14 years while inspiring and training families as an Executive Life and Business coach.

Yup, this family of 9, trekked to Everest Base Camp, circled Iceland, ridden horses in Mongolia, ran on the Great Wall of China, hiked the Inca Trail, climbed Mayan pyramids, ridden camels in the Sahara, and chartered a yacht around the Galapagos… All this and every day he lives to help people believe in themselves, think differently about their lives, and create the EXTRAORDINARY Family Life they dream about!

Intrigued? I know Dr. Tanya and I were so we invited Greg to share his story and secrets to creating your life of rainbows and unicorns.
He even offers advice for couples on how to communicate and stay connected AND … wait for it…
He has a special masterclass for men to “Be the Man.” Of course I couldn’t help myself and bought this course for my husband for Father’s Day… something every man should do and it was super affordable on sale for only $47 (regularly almost $500).
The point is, he is raw and real and we are privileged to have him share time with us.

Connect with Greg

Website and course: Be THE Family Man 7-Day Workshop (extraordinaryfamilylife.com)

Greg’s Podcast: Extraordinary Family Life podcast

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