Episode 3: When to Nourish You (Part 1)

In our past episode we covered WHY it’s important, today we are talking about WHEN to nourish you and what does this look like.

We were always taught the first meal of the day is the most important.

Myth or fact? We will unveil the truth about and discuss:

  • How the food industry has impacted our choices
  • How sugar impacts fat and metabolism
  • Where did this concept come from
  • When the best time is to eat our first meal
  • Concept of fasting- what it is; the science; the health benefits when done correctly
  • Fasting and weight loss.

Depending on your body type and time of life, you may forego intermittent fasting. Always seek the medical advice of your health provider. More on this in When to Nourish You (Part 2).