Episode 18: Connection During a Pandemic, How To Thrive & Survive

We are talking about Connection and specifically looking at our ability to relate to one another which may be challenging at the best of times, but now living in a global pandemic it’s a whole other level of impact that we need to pay attention to and decide how to thrive. If you are living on your own, or you’re living with other people but feel disconnected, Tanya and Mary offer suggestions on how to reconnect to improve YOUR immune system, when our immune systems are being compromised by stress and anxiety.

This time of year is one usually FILLED with connections – welcoming family and friends into our homes for seasonal celebrations and cheer, however this one is very different. This year is filled with distance waves, virtual hugs, fist and elbow bumps, and screen sharing pics of our new bundles of joy. We are communicating differently these days, usually virtually, so have to rely on all 5 senses.

What you’ll learn

  • Coping strategies to get more out of virtual communication
  • Stress-busting suggestions to help you reduce anxiety
  • How to use all 5 senses to create connection, as communication is 60% + non-verbal
  • How to create more authentic connections
  • How strong social connections lengthen your life
  • How strong social connections strengthen your immune system
  • How strong social connections help reduce healing time
  • The role of chronic inflammation and how reducing it begins with you
  • Chronic inflammation causes are beyond nutrition and exercise, and related to ability to communicate with others and ourselves
  • How to deal with people around you all the time
  • How to deal with being alone
  • How the holiday season can be especially hard/triggering for many this year
  • The role of touch and why we’re missing it
  • Stress or stress reduction? Loving yourself or being critical?
  • External causes of disease and internal ones


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  • The 36 Questions To Fall In Love 

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