Episode 19: Finding Balance In Challenging Times (ft. Evan DeMarco)

Have you ever wondered why some people can keep a healthy work/life balance and positive outlook during challenging times? Why does it seem like some people are just equipped to have hard times bounce off them? Through divorce, job changes, covid times, it’s not always easy, but where there is a will there is a way. On this episode of Embrace YOU First, Dr. Tanya Wylde and Mary Wong chat with Evan DeMarco about finding balance through challenging times, and provide YOU with incredible coping strategies to navigate your way through any challenging time.

  • Coping strategies for both you and your children on how to minimize the effects this pandemic is having on our mental health
  • The role of Social Media on our mental health, and why you should NOT pick up your phone before doing a few other simple things.
  • Why are kids are having difficulties, and how we can talk to them about our situation 
  • Why NOW is the time to work on yourself, not when things are ‘better’ or ‘perfect’
  • What Mental Fortitude is and how we work towards it
  • Why some people seem more resilient than others 
  • What some of the short and long term effects of this pandemic may be on us
  • How to apply the 5 pillars of health to have maximum impact on your total body health
  • Find out how by taking small, simple steps YOU can increase your focus, clarity and resiliency quickly

They also chat about both the short term and long term effects this pandemic may have on our mental health, so it’s vital that we focus on positive mental health now and in the future, and the 5 pillars of health that will have a positive impact on our lives.   There is NEVER a better time than now, but how exactly do we take care of ourselves though chaos? How do we support others in our lives that we care for? What is mental fortitude, and how do we work towards it?   They also discuss how as parents we can help our children navigate the strangest time in their lives they’ll likely ever face, this pandemic! Sometimes we are not able to replace these experiences as parents, but we can equip them with coping strategies so that they can thrive, and help them deal with fear and the unknown.

Evan’s Bio
Evan is a sports medicine and nutrition expert, a published author, a public speaker, and a frequent guest on television, radio, and digital platforms. He is also a successful serial entrepreneur whose interest in diet, health, and supplements began as an athlete and consumer, and led him to create a supplement called Alpha Omega.  Evan DeMarco is the co-host of two amazing podcasts “single parents daily” and “The Complete Human Podcast”.

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