Episode 20: Let Fear Guide You

Let Fear Guide You! In this episode, we are going to take 2021 by the ovaries or balls if you’ve got ‘em and run hard to make 2021 a much more productive and powerful year. We help you banish fear, connect to the moment, accept what you can’t change, feel gratitude, reframe trauma to see it in a new light & reduce physical manifestations of it, and change our genes through changing our thought!

What You’ll Learn

  • Why reframing your mindset for acceptance is the first step
  • Embrace YOU First, so that you show up for you first, then you can show up for others
  • Embrace fear and let it guide you through perspective, reframing and rewriting your story for 2021 – why perspective allows you to feel gratitude
  • How to set yourself up for success in the New Year
  • What does success mean to you? It might be fitness, work, relationships, nutrition, but keep in mind they go hand in hand
  • How starting small by setting short term goals for 3 months can lead to a massive shift
  • No matter what we have been given through genetics, when we SHIFT our mindset, we can shift and change our genes through thoughts
  • How we are able to turn on healthy genes or silence unhealthy ones, using the power of positive thoughts, beliefs and actions
  • What is the Nocebo Effect, and how does it impact people during a pandemic?
  • How Tanya’s mom taught her to take care of her mental health from a young age, while she herself didn’t possess the tools to take care of her own, as previous generations didn’t consider mental health
  • How Tanya’s mom was before her time in bringing Tanya to Naturopathic doctors
  • Why Tanya reframed a personal traumatic event involving fire and candles, into something normal and even magical
  • How not to sit in your trauma, but celebrate the successes of 2020
  • We share a story of a patient who had nothing to live for and was suicidal, yet transformed and overcame their fear to have purpose and meaning
  • Why positive thinking raises your vibration, and who and what is attracted into your life because of it
  • Why mindfulness, connecting with what you’re doing right now, enables gratitude and harnesses your energy to focus, rather than scatter
  • Don’t spend energy on fears, it makes you more tired and exhausted, and compromises your immune system
  • How you can extend your life simply by having something to look forward to!

Do you feel you’re living in groundhog day? The same days keep repeating, the same patterns keep repeating? It’s time to break the cycle and change your story, for GOOD! Tanya and Mary share real world examples of people who thought they reached the end of their story and suicide was the only way out, only to get help and realize that they still had many chapters in their story still to write. One therapist had a patient write down their trauma and read it out loud, again and again (while on medication) to put her into a neutral place with no elevation in heart rate, and no anxiety, to disconnect the feeling associated with that trauma. Then the therapist had the patient rewrite the story and re-read that over and over again without the anxiety medications to create a new memory. Very powerful… This ‘reframing’, reducing fears and trauma and memories can be yours…tune in.. replace these experiences as parents, but we can equip them with coping strategies so that they can thrive, and help them deal with fear and the unknown.


Love, Medicine, and Miracles by Dr. Bernie Siegel

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