Episode 41: Challenge, Choice, Change Pt. 2 (ft. Luis Benitez)

Luis Benitez has climbed and guided climbers to summit some of Earth’s most imposing peaks including Seven Summits in seven continents numerous times.

He summited Mt. Everest 6 times and in 2001 he led Erik Weihenmayer, the first blind athlete to summit Mt. Everest!

What You’ll Learn

  • How his near-death experiences have changed him
  • How he keeps himself motivated and safe with so many risks
  • What happened when the Dalai Lama wanted to meet him
  • What he witnessed in the mountains to the people of Tibet
  • Why he chose to be a climbing guide
  • How guiding has impacted him as a leader
  • What motivates him to keep going when others fail
  • How he kept going when he felt like quitting
  • The role of service in his life
  • How his experiences as a guide can help others in their lives and careers
  • Why he chose to work with Outward Bound and the benefits it provides
  • AND MORE! 


Some of his most rewarding work has been to help create the nonprofit “Trekking For Kids”, which focuses on service based expeditions allowing participants to climb and trek while teaching them about local issues like housing and healthcare for orphans around the world. He has also worked closely with Warriors to Summits, a nonprofit focusing on serving returning Veterans by connecting them with the outdoors

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