Episode 42: How to improve your libido and sex life

We need to normalize how we think about sex. It’s completely natural, yet we have so many communication issues and expectations around it.

Desire changes, and we need to have healthy conversations around it, especially self pleasure. Intimacy doesn’t mean sex, sex doesn’t mean penetration.

There are many ways to be intimate when the desire for sex is not strong, including self pleasure, where perhaps your partner helps or watches.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to communicate with your partner that you prefer to be intimate and when
  • How to communicate with your partner that you DON’T want to be intimate
  • Alternative forms of intimacy
  • How libido, circumstances, menstrual cycles, stress, etc impact frequency of sex
  • Recognize how genders are often affected differently by orgasms as it relates to intimacy
  • If you don’t have a partner, get a vibrator or practice self-touch
  • Why and how men and women have different times to orgasm
  • Why men are more likely to communicate if they’ve had sex and women are more likely to have sex if they feel heard
  • AND MORE!  


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