Episode 48: Change Your body, Change Your Life (ft. Paul Walker)

Is there room to love ourselves right now and still want to change our bodies? Dr. Tanya and I say yes.  Here’s a fact, I’m 5 foot nothing and don’t exactly have a model like figure, like my counterpart Tanya. I feel pretty good about myself. I know what to wear to accentuate my features. That said, I can stand to tighten up around the middle and am currently working on it.  Instead of believing that ‘I want to change my body because I’m not good enough as I am’ or ‘I will love myself better when I look a particular way?

Paul Walker was bullied when he was young, partially due to his struggles with weight. Now he runs a successful fitness facility for over 30 years that caters to women, to help them get rid of the negative self talk and truly transform themselves into powerful, unstoppable forces!


  • How to love yourself as you are, while embracing change
  • Why emotion only lasts 90 seconds
  • If it goes longer, why you’re CHOOSING to feel that way
  • Paul’s timeless strength training principles:
    • The heavier the resistance, the stronger the muscle
    • For maximum results keep the muscle under tension until failure
    • If you don’t use it, you lose it
    • As you get stronger, you must take on more challenging forms of resistance
    • Time, patience and consistent resistance = progress.
  • Why Paul’s goal is to push you beyond your goals
  • Why mental and physical health must go hand in hand
  • You get stronger when you put in the reps
  • Mental fitness takes time as well, and be consistent on a daily basis
  • Why postpartum exercise must be gradual

Paul’s Bio

Paul Walker is the owner and founder of Integrity Fitness, a nine time award-winning world-class training facility for women. He has graced the fitness industry for over three decades and is a well-known and respected fitness professional in all of Ontario. He has been featured on CP24, City TV, Rogers TV and, various other shows and podcasts. Every year, Paul leads his team to inspire, and motivate over two thousand women achieve fabulous results.

“My goal is to teach all my clients something that will help them go beyond their fitness & health goals. I truly believe to my deepest core, that the 5% of the time we needed to invest into our health, dramatically influences the other 95%.”

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