Episode 23: Conquering New Habits

Each year, as we get closer to year’s end, millions of people hunger for change – weight loss, eat better, be happier, work on mental health, less stress, improve relationships, etc. New Year’s Resolutions are habit, but the things we choose to work on rarely become habits. Stats show that 80% of people GIVE UP on their resolutions by the 2nd week of February! Why? Because they haven’t become HABITS yet. A habit is defined as ‘a behaviour that is done automatically, with little thought like brushing your teeth…”. Behaviours become HABITS due to a few things – repetition and time, plus desire. How many of us put our seatbelts on without being reminded? I’m sure the first few times after seatbelts became law we forgot, but we persevered. We had and have an external rule forcing us. What is the ‘rule’ for our behaviours is our own health and warning signs? High blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, anxiety, stress, etc. Shouldn’t we heed those?

Some studies have shown that habits can take 3 weeks of consistent repetition to truly become a habit. James Clear in his book “Atomic Habits” he suggests that new habits don’t become truly ingrained until between 2-8 months! So, don’t give up on those new behaviours you are working on, soon you’ll be on autopilot on the way to meaningful change!

Join Tanya and Mary on this not-to-be-missed episode of HOW to turn behaviours into HABITS, so that you aren’t one of the 80% that bail on their self improvement goals

What You’ll Learn

  • 3 strategies to succeed with habits and make them sustainable and AUTOMATIC
  • How small actions around new behaviours can set you up for SUCCESS
  • Why your OLD habits can derail new ones
  • Why goal/habit planning can be done on paper, but they need to SHIFT to ACTION off paper
  • Why there are metabolic changes in your body BEFORE the scale reflects weight loss
  • What are other signs of success beside the number on the scale?
  • Even type A personalities who dive in can be overwhelmed
  • Don’t bite off more than you can chew – better eating, better sleep AND exercise
  • Focus on your most CRITICAL need first, make it a success then tackle the next
  • Why #babystepstosuccess will get you there!
  • Be realistic; plan/schedule; create habits with support as needed; track progress; congratulate yourself!
Atomic Habits by James Clear
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